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Achilles Tendonitis:  An Ultimate Guide for Runners.

Achilles Tendonitis: An Ultimate Guide for Runners.

Our sister site Neuff Red caters for triathletes and endurance athletes.  Neuff Red's team physio Physio Helen Jewell has written about Achilles Tendonitis (or Tendinopathy), a very common source of agony for runners.  We think this article is just as relevant for running athletes as it is for triathletes.

Achilles tendon pain when running can be debilitating and Helen covers the basics of what it is, why it happens and how to treat it in her useful article which you can read here:

Helen will be providing a series of content over the coming months, covering the main triathlon and endurance injuries, and various treatment approaches such as taping, stretching, rollers and winter training, including: 

  1. Calf Heart Attack
  2. Common Triathlon Injuries And How To Avoid Them (coming soon)


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