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Image from Greg Thompson with Nelco Odyssey 2kg Discus

Greg Thompson - Nelco Odyssey 2kg Discus

I've had the great pleasure of talking to Greg Thompson about his life as a Discus thrower. I've asked him some interesting questions and have had some even more interesting replies and believe that some of you will be able to relate.

Greg Thompson started using the Nelco Odyssey 1.75kg in 2013 and in 2019 he ranked as the UK number 1 at 2kg Discus Throw, still throwing the Odyssey. 

I asked who inspired him as a young athlete? He said his father was the biggest influence in his earlier days, but he found it hard to be inspired by others as they are all as unique as he feels himself.  He couldn't quite resonate with being inspired by other athletes' circumstances as whilst he always saw parallels in their experiences, he more importantly saw differences.

When I asked about how he focuses before an event his response was “I have a general 48/72hr routine of habit that aims to place my mind and body in gear. The aim is that this repetition can allow for repetition in technical execution in the circle.”

Greg feels that the best part about competing for him is that it’s an opportunity to realise his potential. The reward of hours of training and dedicated focus culminating in 5 perfect seconds. His favourite place to compete is Penn Relays in Philadelphia USA, as he loves the atmosphere which is received from the love that the spectators have for the event.  This gives him a great buzz and it certainly is great that he has thrown his personal bests here too!!!

I also asked Greg if he thought that attitude was a factor in winning?

"Without question, there has to be some measurable belief in your ability to win or be the best.  So long as it comes from a rational and logical place it can prove to be a tipping factor in your success."  I asked Greg what one thing he always does after a good performance, he stated "EAT!!! Good, bad, or indifferent, replenish the body and indulge in some of my favourite foods" - That sounds the perfect way to celebrate to me.

Greg has reviewed the Nelco Odyssey which you can also read on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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