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Prices include VAT & mainland UK delivery. We ship internationally too.


Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump | Equipment & Accessories

We stock everything an athlete, coach or club would need for all the jumps events.  From vaulting poles to cross-bars, run up markers to sandpit rakes, spikes to landing areas. 

Pole Vault: We stock a range of excellent quality poles from beginners to intermediate.

Landing areas: Everything a club or stadium requires for high jump or pole vault.  Bases, landing areas, wear sheets, spike proof mats, waterproof covers and steel wheel-away covers.

Horizontal Jumps: From sand to kerb-protectors, run up markers to rakes, Softi-plas to plasticine rollers:  we have everything a jump athlete, coach or official needs!

Jump happy with Neuff!