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Neuff stocks a wide range of javelins to suit all athletes from the world's best manufacturers: Nemeth, Nordic, OTE and Polanik.

Our range is grouped into tiers to help you find the right javelin more easily.  Click the 'Type' filters to the left of this page. 

Please contact us if you need advice.  We also have partnerships with some of the UK's top throws coaches for personalised implement advice if you require. 

We import directly and can order any javelin from a manufacturer's range on request. 

  • Polanik 300g javelin.  Red body with dark blue tip.
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    Polanik Javelin - 300g


    300g Polanik Javelin. Steel head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip. - Weight 300g - Length approx 176cm, so rather lon...

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