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Replacement Athletic Spikes

We stock the best range of replacement running spikes.  Choose from a variety of styles and materials to sprint your next PB!

Which Material is Best for Athletic Spikes?

Omnilite Spikes

These ceramic spikes are substantially lighter weight than steels, but they also wear more quickly.  They are therefore great for race day, but avoid walking over concrete on your way round the track!  Available in either Pyramid or Christmas Tree shapes.  Recommended as ideal for Mondo surfaces.

Steel Spikes

These are the iconic original spikes, and still favourites at every athletics club.  Steel spikes come in a full range of styles, including pyramids, needles, RT, tartan, hexagonal, Christmas Tree and even blanks.  They are hard wearing, so will last longer for year-round training and are available in a range of lengths from 5mm to 18mm.


Which Length of Replacement Athletic Spikes Do I Need?

Spikes come in 5mm to 18mm lengths.  In brief:

  • 5mm and 6mm spikes are for sprinting.  Some tracks stipulate 5mm maximum, so check where you will be running
  • 7mm and 9mm spikes are the usual choice for javelin, high jump and pole vault.  They are also good for Cross Country in dry conditions.
  • 12mm to 18mm spikes are a good choice for more challenging conditions.  Use these for muddy cross country or if you will be sprint training on grass (fingers crossed we don't get locked down again!!).  Just remember to change to smaller spikes when you go back to the track, or you will be very unpopular for digging up the surface!


Which Shape of Athletics Spikes is Best?

There are two types of spikes - puncture spikes and pressure spikes.

Spikes that Puncture the Track Surface

These include Pyramid, Needle and Hexagonal spikes, as well as Tartan spikes for rubber tracks only.  They dig into the running surface to provide excellent grip.  Needles wear more quickly than Pyramids as they are finer, and Hexagonal have a different shape so are slightly easier to fit but require a special spike key.

Spikes that Compress the Track Surface

There is a choice of Christmas Tree or RT.  These spikes push the surface down rather than digging into it, so some find they get a better 'return' from the track surface as it springs back.  They are particularly recommended for Mondo surfaces.


How Do I Choose Athletics Spikes?

For more information on choosing spikes, read our Guide to Spikes