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Greeper laces

by Greeper
Colour: Purple

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Greeper laces never come un-done!  The only laces in the world that promise to keep your shoes comfortably tied for miles and guarantee you won't lose precious time retying your shoes mid-run. 

Greeper Laces Features 

Easy to use

  • Greepers have a clever dongle which fits onto real laces (not elastic), which tightens and loosens your shoe in seconds.
  • A game-changer for athletes with upper limb impairment who struggle to tie laces.
  • No more fumbling to tie shoe laces on cold wet runs.
  • Greeper Laces' motto is 'Once Applied, Always Tied'.  They never come undone mid-run.


  • Greepers have great grip to optimise “foot to shoe coupling', maximising the  performance of your footwear and reducing injury risks. 
  • Much more comfortable than elastic laces which can pull the shoe in the wrong places over time.  


  • Greeper laces are a firm favourite of many marathoners and triathletes, with ambassadors across elite and club athletes.
  • Awarded “Best Buy” and “Best on Test” by 220 Triathlon magazine.  Read their review.

Fitting the laces is simple, and only needs to be done once:


  • Standard oval type lace used in most running trainers
  • 140cm, up to 6 pairs of eyelets.
  • Each pack contains a pair of laces.