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KitBrix Bag

by KitBrix

KitBrix bags are strong, fully waterproof, modular bags ideal for athletes and officials.  Two or more can be zipped together to form a rucksack, so you can keep your kit for different disciplines handy without stress or mess.

KitBrix Bag Features

For Officials

Ideal for field officials and starters, the easy-access KitBrix will hold a warning horn, marker spike, tape measure, pens and more, all in a robust bag with sides that stand strong, meaning less rummaging and a clear view of your equipment.  The KitBrix bag perfectly fits a portrait weatherwriter, whilst a landscape weatherwriter will fit in at a diagonal.  Multi-disciplinary officials, or officials who also coach can zip two bags together to form a handy rucksack, keeping kit for different roles separate but handy.

For Athletes

This compact kit bag is great for the gym, strong enough to withstand spikes and fully waterproof to keep your warm kit dry after a rainy track session.  Ideal for multi-eventers to hold kit for track and field: just zip two or more together to make a rucksack.

Strong and Structured

No more collapsed bags and rummaging for kit.  The sides of these solid bags stand strongly on a robust base, with a superior build quality keeps your valuable kit secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Top quality materials and the best manufacturing standards means this bag is waterproof like no other.  Reassuring in those British summer downpours!


With a large central area, the many varied compartments around the edges are ideal for stashing different pieces of your kit to keep them organised and accessible.  Spikes, keys & gauges in one pocket, stopwatch in the next, all without stress or fuss.


KitBrix can keep your kit safe at home, in the garage or car between training sessions and competitions.  

Ideal as hand luggage, either as one or two units, KitBrix is perfect for weekends away, with lockable zips for the main section of each bag.

KitBrix Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 39cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 24cm(d)
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Weight: 1.3kg

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