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Maurten Drink Mix 320 (14 x 80g)

by Maurten

This is the most carbohydrate-rich sports drink in the world, used by Eliud Kipchoge, Mary Keitani, Geoffrey Kamwaror and Mo Farah.  The innovative hydrogel format is kind to your gut, so you can put all your energy into running without cramping or distress.  

Why Maurten Drink Mix 320?

Well tolerated

Pour Drink Mix into water to form a high carbohydrate liquid sports drink with maltodextrin and fructose.  The hydrogel technology transforms in the stomach to form a hydrogel, from which the carbs and salts are only absorbed once it passes into the intestine.  Gentle on the stomach, optimally absorbed, this drink mix will transform racing for those of us who can't tolerate traditional race nutrition supplements.

How much energy?

Scientists say that we can utilise up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour, if optimally balanced.  One 500ml serving contains 80g of carbohydrates. 

See Maurten's Fuel Guide to learn how to fuel your training more accurately.  

Usage Instructions

Pour the contents of each sachet into 500ml of water and shake well to dissolve.  Measure carefully as the ratios need to be precise for the hydrogel technology to work.  Drink Mix is designed to be mixed with water with <40mg/L calcium content. Higher levels can affect how it's dissolved.

Use before, during, and or directly after activity.


  • All Maurten products are vegan-friendly

  • One serving contains 80g of carbohydrates (mixed with 500ml of water) 

  • One box contains 14 x sachet servings

  • No added colours, preservatives or flavours