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ND:R Sol Invictus Sunglasses

by ND:R

The NDR Sol Invictus range are simply an outstanding range of sunglasses that are built for comfort, weight and durability and are perfect for endurance sports.  The lenses have crystal clarity and wrap perfectly around the side of the eyes to eliminate side glare from the sun.  In addition these can be converted to a sports prescription without the need of a second lens.

The price point on these glasses is incredible and we can honestly say that they have to be tried to be believed.

Female athlete wearing red ND:R Sol Invictus sunglasses

Main Features:

  1. The ability to take a prescription lens either a clip in or full lens to take away the double glazing effect.
  2. A slightly more robust frame, giving an incredible quality feel, but more importantly, these frames will last years, as they are virtually indestructible.
  3. The Nose pad has been redesigned to give you the ability to adjust to get the perfect fit for comfort and stability, as it turns out most people's faces are slightly different!
  4. Two different lens shapes giving more coverage and protection.
  5. A unique design which works for all sports and when just chilling
  6. Standard lenses including polarised for the first time, manufactured in a newly developed nylon material which gives higher clarity, better scratch resistance and lighter than the common Polycarbonate lenses.
  7. Lenses can now also be made specifically for you if requested ie in tint an or some flashy mirrors to give a unique look.
  8. Subtle branding and the ability to bespoke the colour combinations
  9. The ultimate lens material Polyamide (known as Nylon) is used on these frames which cost 3 times the price of Polycarbonate, due to their quality 

So to clarify Nylon Lenses beat Polycarbonate on:

  • Aberration so there is less blurring or smearing effect on objects viewed
  • Refractive index (Less light correction)
  • Material pureness
  • Flexible less likely to snap