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World Steel Shot

by Neuff

The World Steel Shot is turned to a specific diameter and painted.  Due to the density of the material it is often available in a wider range of sizes than other shot - ideal for athletes with smaller hands.   All World shots are suitable for use in competions up to UKA (national) rules, and some weights have been certified by World Athletics for use in interternational competitions.

Size options:

  • 7.26kg: 129, 125, 120, 115, 110mm
  • 6kg: 124, 120, 115, 106, 105mm
  • 5kg: 119, 110, 109, 108, 100mm
  • 4kg: 109, 104, 102, 100, 95mm
  • 3.25kg: 95mm
  • 3kg: 92, 91, 85mm

NB: 3kg 85mm is size for para athletes

Please check the weight specification for the correct size for your gender and age

Colour may vary


Nelco 7.26kg/129mm: I-01-0247
ATE 7.26kg/129mm: I-05-0322
Nelco 6kg/124mm: I-02-0260
Nelco 4kg/109mm: I-01-0248