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SFuels Race+ Sachets | Fruit Punch

by SFuels

Fuel your body.  Optimised for high-intensity training and racing, with a water-like consistency and refreshing flavours, SFuels Race+ is for both low-carb high-fat trained athletes, and higher-carb trained athletes.

SFuels Race+ Features

Go High Intensity

Fuel high-intensity effort with both fat and carbs for optimal performance.  SFuels Race+ offers a sustainable fueling strategy for your muscles, gut and brain, mitigating race-bonks and sugar triggered gut distress.  

  • C8 MCT oil
  • Pre Digested Branch Cyclic Starches
  • Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides
  • L Glutamine
  • Electrolytes - Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium 

Burn Fat + Carbs 

Turn-on efficient simultaneous fat oxidation AND glycogen oxidation at high intensity training and racing, while avoiding simple sugars and the over-use of complex carbs.  High fat-oxidation rates reduce dependency on glycogen, maximising the carb boost for the highest intensity sessions.

Gut Friendly

Reduce the dependency and amount of consumed sugar-carbs during racing, and dramatically lower/mitigate gut-GI distress risks.

  • Avoids simple sugars, sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, syrups and sugar alcohols.
  • Enable rapid movement of calories through gut, circulation and directly into the muscle cells by using C8 MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides, highly branched (pre-digested) starches with low osmolality and high molecular weight.
  • Uses a clinic dosage of gut-friendly (non-irritating) magnesium glycinate with sodium, potassium and calcium for rapid digestion and consistent neuromuscular muscle firing during intense exercise.
  • Lower gut and muscle-related inflammation from high-intensity heat triggered exercise, by supplementing training and racing hydration and fueling with Glutamine.  

SFuels Race+ Ingredients

MCT Coconut Oil, Collagen Peptides, Highly Branched Cyclic Starch Dextrin, L-Glutamine, Magnesium Glycinate, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Monk Fruit Extract, Natural Flavors.

Why these ingredients

  • C8 MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides, as the most rapidly absorbed, assimilated and oxidized fat (similar to carbohydrate) for training efficient fat oxidation by working muscles. SFuels TRAIN C8 MCT is bound to collagen as a powder, not maltodextrin
  • Highly branched pre-digested cyclic starches provide carbohydrate which move rapidly through the digestive system, with low-no gut irritation.
  • L-Glutamine to support both GI-tract integrity, lowered systemic inflammation risk and minimized muscle/protein oxidation.
  • Higher dose Electrolytes Sodium, Calcium, magnesium glycinate and Potassium for dependable consistent muscle firing of muscles under consistent heavy load endurance training sessions.

SFuels Race+ Useage

SFuels Race+ should be used in high-intensity race simulation sessions prior to racing for athletes to familiarize themselves with its use for maximal performance impact.

SFuels Race+ is designed to maximize simultaneous fat and carbohydrate oxidation.

How to use Race+

Add 1 sachet of SFuels RACE+ to 16oz of cold water and mix/shake thoroughly.

Low-Carb High-Fat trained athletes will take less SFuels Race+ due to their higher fat-oxidation rates.  Conversely, athletes with a more typical/higher carbohydrate consumption (day to day and in training) will need higher intake of SFuels Race+.

For specific guidance on ‘servings/hour’ of SFuels RACE+ please read the Racing section of the Quickstart Guide

It is very important to adjust to an LCHF diet and training approach before using SFuels Race+  Please read the Optimisation Guide here

Product options:

Race+ individual sachets are available in Fruit Punch.  Convenient for filling bottles on race day.

Also available in tubs of 15 servings, including a greater range of flavours.


SFuels Terms and Conditions

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