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Stryd Power Meter for Running

by Stryd
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Please note this a 2021 model
Get the best out of every step with a Stryd footpod powermeter.  Whether you struggle to train to perceived effort, or want to complete your interval drills with precision, Stryd will take your training and racing to the next level. Now with a bespoke membership platform to get the best of your data - and 6 months access free! 

Stryd Power Footpod Features

Optimise your Performance

Most runners train at the wrong intensity - a simple mistake that doesn't have to happen.  Stryd optimises your performance by ensuring your easy sessions are truly easy, your distance sets are consistent and your drills are optimally executed.  By accounting for hills, wind, form, fatigue and more, Stryd guides you to run at the right intensity to maximize your time spent training!

Work with the conditions

The Stryd is the first runners' footpod to measure the effect of wind on your power output.  Stryd reports the extra power (in watts) required to overcome air resistance.  Now, you will know how much power you need to run into a headwind, the power saved when running with a tailwind, or the power saved when drafting off a pack of runners.  The Stryd pod gives runners the ability to turn the wind into a measurable and performance enhancing force.

Train with precision - anywhere

Stryd doesn't rely on GPS, so it works just as well on a treadmill as outdoors.  A truly versatile training partner.

Data and Analytics for the ideal workout

The Stryd Membership Centre gives you access to a wide range of analytics and information, to get the most out of your training and racing.  Stryd is also fully compatible with TrainingPeaks and FinalSurge, so you can continue to access and analyse your data through those platforms with no additional charge.

Free Membership Centre Access

When you purchase your Stryd, you will receive a code for 6 months' free access to the Membership Centre.  This offers unparalleled access to features such as a Workout Builder & Library, Power-based training plans, Running Stress Balance, Race Power Calculator and much much more, with the option to continue receiving these benefits on a paid plan after the end of the free period.  

Sports Watch Compatibility

Upgrade your watch without buying a new one, as Stryd pairs with your existing preferred sports watch to add power-based training and superior pace & distance.  Compatible with a wide range of watches, including Coros, Garmin, Apple, Suunto, Polar, Sigma Sport & Samsung watches.  See the Stryd community page for specific information.


Stryd Power Meter Footpod Specifications

Long Battery Life

You can run for 2+ weeks without charging Stryd.  A continuous running time of 20+ hours eas you can even take Stryd along for ultra marathons

Secure yet Flexible

Stryd easily clips on to any pair of running shoes via a simple & secure clipping mechanism. If you run with many pairs of shoes, you can transfer Stryd between shoes in seconds.


Accurate pace when changing shoes, surfaces, run form, and speeds with calibration-less technology that typically exceeds the accuracy and consistency of GPS data.


Stryd is built with a fiber-reinforced housing which keeps it safe in use in over 100 countries worldwide in every imaginable type of running terrain.


At 8 grams you won’t even notice it.

Every Run 

Use Stryd power on the track, trail, road, or on a treadmill for a unified training/racing experience.

Free Membership Centre Access

When purchasing your Stryd, you will receive a code offering 6 months of access to the Membership Centre.  After this time, you can choose to continue on a monthly plan at £8.99pcm, change to 4-monthly or annual plan, or simply cancel your subscription.  A credit card is required to sign up to the Membership Centre, but you can cancel your subscription before the end of the 6 month period without charge.