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Neuff's New Era

Neuff's New Era

Our first advertorial is now live on Athletics Weekly

Neuff's New Era

The equipment supplier is continuing a long line of service to aspiring athletes

Neuff has a long history of being more than just a shop selling athletics equipment. The company created by Dr Alan Neuff back in 1966 seemed to just “happen” rather than it being consciously created. 

Alan was originally a sprinter in the 1950s (he ran against Roger Bannister!), then a teacher and coach (multi-events and pole vault), then an official. Due to this he developed the first fibreglass vaulting pole to be used in the UK (originally built from ships aerials!).

What started out as helping friends source the equipment they needed turned into the go-to brand for athletics equipment in the UK.

“The company was dad’s passion – now it’s mine and I will continue to run it with the same ethos he did” - Sara, Neuff

Sadly, Alan passed away last year and his daughter Sara has taken over the business with her husband Matt. Together they want to bring in innovations whilst maintaining the heart and soul of what made Neuff so well respected and supported by the athletics community.

Sara explains more about the company’s ethos.

“We might be at the English Schools and a young athlete will perhaps take a look at the top of the range Denfi discus,” she says.

“It looks great and they want it, but they are a 20m thrower and, if they bought it, it would probably only result in them throwing 18m as it’s designed to fly that much further. We therefore want to advise and support young athletes in particular on what products to buy.”




All those years ago Alan Neuff was an innovator in the field of athletics and that innovative spirit is continuing though his daughter Sara and her husband Matt.
It’s this innovative spirit, and a willingness to impart knowledge as to “what’s best” for an athlete and coach in an almost club like spirit, that has long been a part of the company’s lineage and which looks set to continue.


“It’s not all about selling,” adds semi-professional triathlete Matt, who aspires to create a community around the brand.

 “We want to be able, through Neuff, to help athletes become better without a financial cost to them – without actually buying anything.”

Neuff’s website, blog and YouTube channel now offers athletes information from how to choose equipment to how to use it properly. Neuff will also be working with athletes and top UK coaches to offer tips and advice on how to be the best you can be, including which products work best for certain athletes.

Neuff will also be looking to use social media to move closer to its audience, listening and sharing athletes’ experiences.

 “My vision for Neuff is to offer those ‘packages’ of information, choices and experiences to help athletes identify their own personal sporting solutions” - Matt, Neuff

 Sara adds: “What was confined to dad’s personal experiences can now be amplified. We can essentially listen to and advise people on a much larger scale than was previously possible.” 

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George Swiers - February 10, 2022

Alan was a great coach and mentor. He coached me in pole vault (2012/14) and would even take me on the long journey from Malton to Leeds and back each week.

He was very passionate about athletics and probably the cleverest person I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. I think back to our conversations on the long journeys to and from training fondly and often.

Sanjeev Prasad - July 7, 2021

Dear Alan,
I was browsing through my early days in sports including Athletics and Pole Vaulting.

Trying to make contact as one of the athletes under your training in Crystal Palace on Pole Vaulting with one of your poles which you were kind to let me use.

I look forward to making contact.

Best Regards
Sanjeev Prasad (1976-80)

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