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Athletics Club Fundraising Scheme

Money is tight for athletics clubs, yet developing grass roots athletics is essential for our sport. 

Neuff is proud to offer the Club Fundraising Scheme to assist local clubs in supporting our athletes both young and old.   

How does the Neuff Athletics Club Fundraising Scheme work?

The Athletics Club Fundraising Scheme raises funds for athletics clubs, by earning commission on all sales made by their athletes, officials and supporters.  Once registered, the club receives a custom link for their website, and a code which can be entered at checkout. 

Any time someone clicks on the link, a cookie will track their sales and all purchases they make from Neuff Athletic will earn 5% commission for the club.  If preferred, customers can simply use the code at the checkout instead.  This can be useful for clubs which do not have an active website, or who like to share the link through social media and club newsletters. 

How much money do athletic clubs earn?

Clubs earn 5% commission on each sale.  The commission is paid in store credit, which can be saved up for free equipment, or money off larger items.  Some clubs have raised over £100 per year, which adds up to a good amount of new equipment for the club.  Commission on small items does mount up!  

How does my club join the Neuff Athletics Club Fundraising Scheme?

If you are interested in signing up, please visit this link to register:


If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us!