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SFuels Guide to Use and Starting LCHF

“Professional and amateur athletes continue to experience the high risks of spiking and crashing blood-sugars during ultra-endurance racing and training.

Extreme blood sugars swings continues to be a key factor in DNF (Did Not Finish) or poor-performance results, from Gut distress, stable-energy and bonking (hitting the wall).

Without optimally training the body to perform efficient fat-oxidation, athletes have no option but to begin taking in high amounts of sugar-based fuels and drinks, and then left to experience there devastating effects.

Furthermore, these risks are not limited to racing alone. For years science has shown that the acute and chronic inflammation caused by swinging blood sugars is a leading cause of our most debilitating diseases.”

Dr Dan Plews - Ironman 2018 AG World Champion & World Record Holder


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