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Nordic Eagle and Nemeth Special 700g Javelin

700g Javelins are changing!

2025 will bring a new design and specification for 700g javelins.

In a move similar to the redesigns of 800g and 600g javelins in 1986 and 1999 respectively, World Athletics has announced that 700g javelins would be adapted to move the Centre of Gravity (CoG) and Centre of Pressure (CoP) of 700g javelins*. 

700g Javelins crossed | Nordic Eagle & Nemeth Special 

Why are 700g javelins changing?

World Athletic has stated the change in specifications for 700g javelins is being introduced for 2 reasons. 

  1. To increase the likelihood of the javelin landing tip down and so reduce no-throws and disputes 
  2. To bring the javelins in-line with the 600g and 800g javelin Centre of Gravity and Centre of Pressure.

This may also make the transition between javelin weights smoother when changing age-groups.


When are the 700g javelins changing?

The change is due to take effect from 1st April 2025, which is the start of the 2025 summer competition year. 

World Athletics had announced that Nordic Sport would create and test new-specification javelins in Spring 2023.  This was delayed, but design and testing has now been completed and signed off.  The new 700g javelins are currently awaiting certification and are expected to be available to purchase at the end of 2024 or early 2025.  Nemeth are also involved in the testing process.

It therefore seems likely that the original implementation date of 1st April 2025 will stay the same.  All 700g javelins will need to be replaced in early 2025. 

 U17 Javelin Thrower

Who is impacted by the new 700g javelin specifications?

700g javelins are thrown by men in the U17 and Masters 50-59yr age groups. 

U17 men includes people aged 15 or 16 on 31/08 in the competition yr (1st October to 30th September), so this is normally children in School Years 10 and 11.

As the new rules are expected to commence on 1st April 2025, this will mean the changes come into force for children who are currently in school years 9 or 10.

The rules will change for summer competition season, which is 01/04- 30/09. So whilst javelin is not often included in indoor competitions, if you plan to compete over the winter season (01/10/2024-31/03/2025) you will need a current (old) spec javelin.

To complicate matters further, UKA has confirmed they will change the age categories to U12, U14, U16 and U18.  This is planned to come into effect from 1st April 2026 and will surely also have an effect on who uses 700g javelins and at what age.   

When will the new 700g javelins be available?

Current estimates are that the new spec javelins will be available from late 2024 or early 2025.  The confirmed designs are currently awaiting WA certification and will then be manufactured.

Javelins on grass in a hard carry case 

What if I need a 700g javelin now?

We still have a small stock of current rules 700g javelins, and these are all available at reduced cost to reflect the upcoming changes. 

Many people invest in a good 700g javelin for their second year U17, thinking they will be able to recoup some of the cost by reselling the javelin second hand once it is outgrown. This is likely to be difficult after April 2025, so bear this in mind when buying a 700g javelin in 2024 for your U17.

You might consider purchasing a second-hand javelin for 2024 instead. There are a number of Facebook selling groups for javelins which are worth a look. Make sure you check for damage (e.g. dents, bends or loose grip) before purchasing. Remember to check second hand prices are below our discounted prices!

Masters athletes looking to upgrade their javelin would probably be advised to delay their purchase until the new javelins are available.

If you have a good 700g javelin that you no longer use, now is probably a good time to get it on ebay or Facebook marketplace! Diagramme showing technical specifications of athletics javelin

Can current specification 700g javelins be converted to the new rules?

We do not yet know if it will be possible to convert current javelins to the new specifications.  However, it seems unlikely given the high manufacturing specifications. 

We are in touch with major manufacturers and will be offering refurbishments if possible. This would save a lot of javelins from being thrown away, and save a lot of environmental and financial cost, so we have fingers crossed it will be feasible.  However, we suspect it is unlikely to be the case.


*Source: Competition and Technical Rule Amendments August 2, World Athletics, TR38.10, P54

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