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Which grip product is best for shot put, discus throw and hammer throw?

Which grip product is best for shot, discus and hammer throw?

Ed Fileman is an U20 throws athlete, currently ranked 2nd for discus, 7th for Hammer and 11th for shot in 2020.  We asked Ed to try our range of grip products and write us a guide of the different options across the heavy throws. 

This is the result of Ed's year-long trial!

Which grip product is best for shot put?

Which Grip Product is best?

by Ed Fileman

Venice Turps Grip Product

This product is great for Discus throwing, especially in wet weather or with a wet field.  If it’s used properly, it makes your release fingers stick to the discus allowing you to spin the discus much faster than when using normal chalk.  It provides a feeling very similar to using spit which is often preferred among discus throwers, however this is not allowed during COVID restrictions and so Venice Turps provides a great alternative.  It provides a similar feeling of stickiness rather than the textured grip that chalk provides.  The main benefit is that this stickiness will stay on your fingers and discus for a whole competition even in the rain, making it an ideal way to prevent issues with releasing the discus when it's wet. 

So far I have used one tube regularly for more than a year and there is still more than half left in it.  It definitely lasts much longer than chalk and other grip products!

Which grip product is best for discus throw?

Tips for using Venice Turps Grip

There are a few points to be aware of. 

Firstly, use Venice Turpin sparingly!  Using even the tiniest bit too much could harm your performance as it is Very Sticky.  This also makes it difficult to clean off of implements with just water, however using alcohol or soap will help to wipe it off. 

Having tried using this for other events, I wouldn’t personally recommend its use for shotput or hammer throw unless you are used to using sap-like grip products or don’t use a traditional hammer glove.


Colophony Resin Grip Product

This provides a different feeling to chalk, with a stickier feeling.  I would personally recommend its use for hammer and shotput and it is great to use in the gym as an alternative to chalk.  It provides a great grip for Olympic lifting and powerlifting, getting progressively more grippy the more you rub your hands together, therefore complimenting a thrower’s training outside of the track.  The main reason I choose it in the gym instead of chalk is it leaves less visible mess and doesn’t leave as much residue on the bar for the next person. 

For hammer, it provides a little bit of extra grip allowing you to hold the hammer further towards the tips of your fingers which extends your orbit without making your glove too sticky and making it difficult to release. 

For shotput it provides a different feeling to chalk, some throwers may prefer it, some might not.  It’s down to personal preference whether you want more grip like chalk provides or stickiness like colophony resin provides; I would recommend giving it a try to see if you prefer it.

Which grip product is best for hammer throw?  

Tips for using Colophony Resin Grip

A big benefit to using this rather than chalk is that you rub the crystals into your hand and then put them back in the bag to use again, whereas chalk goes all over the place and won’t last as long as a bag of Colophony Resin which lasted me just under a year of very regular use.

One thing to bear in mind is that it can take a few minutes to work it into your hands and implement before you feel the full effect.


Which is better?  Venice Turps, Colophony Resin or Chalk?

My preference is to use a combination.  I like to put chalk on the implement to make an area with grip, then use a half pea size blob of Venice on my index finger for discus.  For shotput I rub Colophony resin into my fingers to get the best mix of stickiness and grip.

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