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Nelco RimGlide discus range

Nelco RimGlide discus - what is it all about?

You may have noticed that Nelco has updated their entire range of competition discus to the new RimGlide series.  All their favourite discs are now available only in their new versions (apart from where old stock is still available).  But there hasn't been much information on the difference between these new discs and their old versions.  Is it just a re-branding, or is there a real difference?  Read on to find out...

Rodney Brown throwing a new RimGlide 78m Ultra-Spin

Nelco was establised in 1942 in India and, by constant innovation and consistent manufacturing, has become one of the most trusted brands for discus, shot and hammer globally.  Their discs can be found in pretty much every competition, from local club meets to national championships and the Olympics.

The testing

Over the past couple of years, Nelco has been exploring the optimum weight distribution to achieve the furthest flight.  They tested seven different types of discus with different weight distribution patterns in both 1kg and 2kg weights:

  1. in a wind tunnel to analyse the lift, rotation, path and momentum.  
  2. by professional throwers under different wind conditions.

The results were mapped to identify the flight patterns and maximum distance that can be covered by each disc type under test conditions.  RimGlide Technology was born - discus with optimal weight distribution to get the full power potential for different types of throw.

PMD Technology

During the testing, Nelco developed new PMD side plates to increase durability.  PMD stands for Preventative Mechanism against Damage, so you won't have to replace broken side plates as much.  PMD plates are now standard across the Nelco high-end range.

All PMD side plates will be yellow in the future, which is great for younger throwers who want to throw the same discs as their role-models, but perhaps not so great if you don't like yellow.  At Neuff we love yellow, so....!

HRM Technology

Once a high-rim discus stops spinning during flight, the rim weight causes the discus to dive prematurely and shortens the distance potential.  HRM (High Retention Mechanism) technology uses optimal engineering balance to keep the discus in flight for as long as possible.

Distance Ratings

Nelco has used the testing to apply indicative distance rating (DR) to their discs to make it easier to choose the right implement.  On first sight this makes sense, bringing discus throw in line with javelin.  However a look at the ratings raises questions.  The top rated discus is 78m, but the World Record is 74.08m, and that is an outlier.  Most world-standard athletes throw around 65-68m, meaning that all three of the top discs would be out of their range.  

It would seem possible that the DRs were achieved by a machine flighting the discs in the wind tunnel under test conditions, rather than being thrown by athletes.  Perhaps if we take 10m off each DR that would be more indicative?

It is also worth remembering that cross-winds can knock high-spin discus off their flight, causing them to fall prematurely, so it is always worth having a low-spin discus in your kit bag for competitions on sub-optimal days.   

The RimGlide Range

The 'old' names are still currently featuring on the RimGlide range, but we understand these will be phased out, so how will you know which discus to choose in future?

 Nelco RimGlide discus range

Old Name                      RimGlide DR            Spin Rate             Old % rim weight

Ultra Spin                             RimGlide 78m      Very High                  86-88%
Odyssey                               RimGlide 75m      High                               86-87%
Gold                                        RimGlide 75m      High                               85%
Super-Spin                          RimGlide 70m      Medium-High          85%
Ultimo                                    RimGlide 70m      Medium-High          83%
Super-Spin Olympia      RimGlide 67m      Medium                       80%
Lo-Spin                                  RimGlide 65m      Low                                  75%

However, rim weight is not the only consideration when choosing a discus.  The rim profile, thickness and feel are all highly personal to each athlete - England Throws Camps have written a very useful guide on what to look for when choosing a disc, which you can read here.  We have had feedback from athletes that the RimGlide feels different in the hand, with thicker rims than the comparative old styles, so it will be very important to hold the new discs in your hand before making your own mind up. 

Nelco RimGlide discus have already been used by a number of world-class athletes, who are adding their endorsements to the range and it will be interesting to see which implements are used in major competitions in the next couple of years. 

If you have any questions on the RimGlide range or any other product, contact us for a chat at or 01752 893742.



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