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Neuff's Guide to the Triple Jump

Neuff's Guide to the Triple Jump

The aim here is to travel as far as possible by making a running approach before a hop, a step, and a jump. Unlike the long jump, there is no need to seek height at the initial take – off. Check out the blog post covering the key principles of jumping, as these can be applied to the triple jump.

When hopping, take care not to hop too high as this will reduce speed and diminish the effectiveness of the next two phases. It will also make the landing more difficult to control, so try to keep the hop low and contained.

The step phase refers to the extension of your lead leg (thigh) before take – off. Here, try to make it as long as possible. This is achieved by holding out your thigh for as long as you can with the lower leg facing downwards. By “seeking the ground” too soon, the jumping phase will be shorter. We don’t want that!

With the jump, the ‘double arm shift’ technique is highly recommended. This involves swinging your arms in a powerful motion upon take-off, which propels you further. This technique is tricky to master; even world record holders in the past have struggled! Once in the air, hold your knees out high for the duration of the jump before landing.

Good luck!

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