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Regripping a Javelin

How to Regrip a Javelin

Regripping a javelin isn't the easiest of tasks, especially if you've never done it before. Not only do you need a few tools to complete the job, but you'll also need a bit of patience if you want to get the job done right!

In our latest video from our "How to" series, we guide you through this process and advise on what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to regripping your javelin!


  1. A soft surface
  2. A hammer
  3. New javelin grip cord
  4. A sharp knife
  5. A marker pen
  6. Standard PVA craft glue


  1. Mark up your javelin, so that you know where the new cord is going to go.
  2. Remove the grip cord, using your knife to do so.
  3. There will be a lead weight in the middle of where the old cord is.  It is very important to keep it in position.  Add some glue as you remove the old grip if it seems a little loose.
  4. Gently hammer flat one end of your grip cord, to ensure the new grip lays as smoothly as possible.
  5. Find a comfortable way to hold the javelin to make it easiest for you to pull the cord tight (see video for more).  Then put a bit of glue on where the wick of the grip cord is going to sit to one end of the grip area.
  6. Lay the flattened wick on the glue (do not leave long an end) and start to wrap the cord around the javelin so it covers this end.  When beginning winding, get the cord as tight and as close together as you possibly can. You will also need a fair bit of strength in your hands for this!
  7. Pull the cord around javelin, working steadily along the grip area as tightly as possible. The first few turns are crucial in this process, so make sure you're holding the cord very tightly!
  8. Continue all the way up the shaft of the javelin in this manner, until you reach the end of the mark (this could take a few minutes).  Keep the loops very close to each other.
  9. Work out where exactly to end your grip cord so it reaches, but does not go over the mark you drew earlier.  Draw a tiny mark on the javelin, so you know where you'll be coming back to. Cut the excess long tail from the cord, leaving around 30-40 cm to give you plenty to play with for the next stage!
  10. Loosen off four or five rings of cord. Hold the rest of the grip as tightly as possible to prevent the rest of the grip loosening.  Do not allow the loops to unravel when you loosen them.  Put some glue on the javelin where the wick is going to come back down on. Feed the cord through the loops, position it down onto the glue and tighten the loops back up again.
  11. Pull the tail round to your mark and hold it down, twisting the grip so that the cord holds itself.
  12. Push the cord right down so there's no gaps and twist it round to tighten again.  The long end will be sticking out between the grip cord loops, secured by itself.
  13. After a couple more twists of the cord, cut the wick carefully where it emerges between the bands.  You then have your new grip!*
  14. Placing the javelin on your soft surface, very gently hammer the tail underneath the grip cord to flatten it, ensuring you're not damaging the javelin in the process!

*before cutting the cord, double check you have it to the correct point!

Please note the steps above are a rough guide as to how to regrip your javelin. For a much better insight, make sure to check our video out!

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