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Fuego Tungsten Hammer

by ATE

ATE's Fuego tungsten hammer doesn't just look great - it is also superbly engineered.  Feel proud and look the part when throwing your next PB or record.  This is truly a hammer for elite throwers.

ATE Fuego Hammer Features

All the features are engineered to ensure stable, aerodynamic flight.  Tests indicate that a 70m+ thrower will achieve a 2%-5% increase in distance. 

Tungsten & Lead filled

Steel shell filled with a specific mix of lead and tungsten.  Tungsten is denser than lead, enabling the Fuego hammer's centre of gravity to be at the absolute maximum allowed by World Athletics.  The further the centre of gravity from the thrower, the further the hammer can fly.

HyperSpin Swivel

ATE's unique HyperSpin swivel allows the hammer to spin during flight without the wire spinning with it.  This means less wind resistance and greater throwing distances. 

Take a look at this video from Top Throwing:



Each Fuego hammer is finished by hand with high quality, two-tone paint, so each hammer is stunningly different. 


  • Steel hammer filled with tungsten & lead
  • Sprint steel wire
  • Premium aluminium handle
  • All our hammers come ready made, so you don't have to!

Weight Options

  • 7.26kg / 110mm - World Athletics certified: I-20-0990
  • 6kg / 105mm - not certified
  • 5kg / 100mm - not certified
  • 4kg / 95mm - World Athletics certified: I-20-0989

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