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Galvanised Platform | Under base for landing area | PV or HJ


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The DIMA Galvanised Platform will protect your landing bed from absorbing damp from the ground.  Available for high jump or pole vault landing areas in various sizes.

The metal under-base elevates the landing area by 10cm on wide, stable feet.  Includes side-bars to retain the mattress and reduce slippage.

The Pole vault underbase incorporates a flat metallic safety sheet around the pole vault box area.  This prevents poles from slipping under the platform and breaking.

DIMA Galvanised Platform | Specifications

  • Supplied in separate elements with fixing jaws for on-site building
  • 10cm high galvanised metal platform on wide feet
  • Plastic end caps on each end
  • Designed to fit DIMA landing areas
  • Available for High Jump (5 x 3m or 6 x 4m) or Pole Vault (5 x 7m or 6 x 8m)
  • Tailored sizes available on request


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