LaserLynx Specifications

The LaserLynx EDM electronic distance measurement system has been used at the highest levels of track and field competition for years and is trusted by athletics officials, including at World Championship and US Olympic Trial events.

The LaserLynx EDM PRO unit includes:

  • a tripod,
  • prism,
  • prism pole,
  • on-board battery,
  • spare battery, 
  • data cable.


LaserLynx can be combined with FieldLynx event software to share laser measurement data quickly and easily across the FinishLynx results network with meet management databases, scoreboards, infield displays and CIS applications for announcers.  With the addition of SeriaLynx the LaserLynx measurement data can also be shared wirelessly across the results network.  

Easy to Use

LaserLynx offers easy distance measurement for field events.

  • Accurate:  Accurate to ±2mm & ±2 angular seconds – Exceeds World Athletic standards
  • Quick: 15 minute equipment setup
  • Simple to Use: One-touch measurement in Metric and Imperial units
  • Powerful: Links to any compatible displays, databases, and software on the network
  • Portable: Rechargeable batteries with up to 60 hours on a single charge

Laser Measurement Accuracy

Simple geometry can determine the length of the third side of a triangle when the length of the first 2 sides and the angle between them is known.  This means LaserLynx can accurately measure an athlete's performance from a position adjacent to the throwing circle or take-off board.  See the diagramme for details of how the athletes performance is calculated using data entered prior to the start of the competition (the LaserLynx Station Reference Measurements and radius of the throwing circle).


Compatible FieldLynx and SeriaLynx software available on request!