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Super-Spin Discus Rim Glide 70m

by Nelco

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The Super-Spin discus is the 70m rated version of Nelco's RimGlide range of competition discus.  It replaces the previous Nelco Super-Spin.

The RimGlide discus has been extensively tested in wind tunnels and Gyro Mapping.  They have also been texted by world-class throwers in the field under various test conditions, which corroborates the test results. 

Over the past couple of years, Nelco has been exploring the optimum weight distribution to achieve the furthest flight.  They tested seven different types of discus with different weight distribution patterns in both 1kg and 2kg weights:

  1. in a wind tunnel to analyse the lift, rotation, path and momentum.  
  2. by professional throwers under different wind conditions.

The results created RimGlide Technology - discus with optimal weight distribution to get the full power potential for different types of throw.

PMD /HRM technology

PMD stands for Preventative Mechanism against Damage, so you won't have to replace broken side plates as much. 

HRM (High Retention Mechanism) technology uses optimal engineering balance to keep the discus in flight for as long as possible.


  • High Spin Discus
  • Rimglide 70m  (denotes the possible distance when flighted under optimal conditions, probably by a machine in a wind tunnel)

More information:

Read our blog on the Nelco RimGlide developments.

Range of Nelco RimGlide discus

Choose the right discus

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2kg Nelco: I-99-0091
1.75kg: I-02-0279
1kg: I-99-0092

Please check the weight specification for the correct weight for your gender and age