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Stainless Steel Shot


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A fabulous stainless steel shot, engineered to precision. 

Stainless steel shot have an extremely smooth surface, which will initially not take grip products terribly well.  However, after use the surface becomes scuffed, improving the grip and creating a great surface texture, much loved by many athletes.  Additionally, as there is no paint covering to chip, stainless steel shot are unlikely to lose weight, staying appropriate for competitive use for longer.

Not suited for use on very stony ground, as the stainless steel is softer than other types of shot and will therefore dent more easily. 

Stainless Steel Shot Size Options:

Nelco has the largest range of sizes of any manufacturer, making it easy to find the perfect shot for your hand size.

  • 7.26kg: 129, 125, 120, 115, 110mm (Nelco 129mm: I-99-0145, ATE 129mm: I-1-12-0625)
  • 6kg: 110, 108, 105mm
  • 5kg: 119, 110, 105, 100mm,
  • 4kg: 109, 104, 100, 95mm (ATE 109mm: I-12-0624, Nelco 95mm: I-99-0139)
  • 3kg: 85, 97mm

All stainless steel shot are suitable for competitions up to UKA (national) rules.  Some weight/diameter options are also certified by World Athletics for international competition. 

 Manufactured by either Nelco or ATE

Unsure which shot to choose?

Confused athlete reviews selection of shot, discus and hammer athletics implements.  Based on a portrait by Jakayla Toney on UnSplash

For an overview of the different kinds of shot, see our video and written guide.

Need more specific advice?

We have partnered with top UK coaches Stuart Carlaw, Paul Wilson and Gary Herrington to review your throwing and recommend specific implements personalised to you.  Find out how here


Nelco 7.26kg/129mm: I-99-0145
ATE 7.26kg/129mm: I-1-12-0625
ATE 4kg/109mm: I-12-0624
Nelco 4kg/95mm: I-99-0139
ATE 4kg/95mm:I-12-0626

Please check the weight specifications for the correct weight for your gender and age.