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Nemeth Club - 800g, 600g Javelin

by Neuff

The Nemeth Club aluminium javelin is built with an aerodynamic blunt head and a carefully engineered shaft shape.  The various distance ratings are achieved by optimising the shape of the javelin shaft for particular levels of throw.

Recommended by Nemeth for technically skilled throwers with international level results, but with good compensation in case of less accurate release.  

All versions of this javelin have been certified for use in international competitions.

Weight and distance rating options:

  • 800g
    • 85m
    • 80m
  • 600g
    • 75m 
    • 70m

Please check the weight specification for the correct weight for your gender and age


800g 85m: I-99-0104
800g 80m: I-99-0105
600g 75m: I-99-0103
600g 70m: I-10-0459