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Pacer One Vaulting Pole


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Pacer is one of the longest-standing brands in vaulting pole technology, with a solid reputation to match.  The Pacer One vaulting pole is a very versatile pole for beginner and intermediate athletes, and a firm favourite with coaches looking for a well-performing, excellent value-for-money pole.


Support the best technique

The Pacer One design 'slows down' the bend, allowing more time to rotate into vertical position.  This enables athletes to focus more on their form and technique, taking control of the jump rather than rushing to keep up with the pole.


Designed with Gills exclusive Best Flex technology and engineered from the industry’s strongest fibreglass material, the Pacer One vaulting pole promises to stay in your pole vault collection forever. 


The Pacer One's combination of strength and flex make it ideal for beginner to intermediate athletes seeking a robust pole for training and competition.  It is also a very reliable choice for clubs and coaches seeking a great value, long-lasting pole for their quiver.


We have range of Pacer Poles in our Devon warehouse for next-day dispatch.  Other sizes are available to order with 3 -4 week lead times.  Please contact us for more information.

Length and body weight options

Pacer One Poles are manufactured in the following sizes, in 10lb increments.

  • 9' (275): 60 - 100 lbs
  • 10' (300): 70 - 130 lbs
  • 10'6" (320): 70 - 140 lbs 
  • 11' (335): 80 - 150 lbs
  • 11'6" (355): 90 - 150 lbs
  • 12' (366): 90 - 160 lbs
  • 12'6" (380): 100 - 170 lbs
  • 13' (400): 110 - 180 lbs

See our metric/imperial conversion chart to check your weight and pole length.

Warning: Poles must not be used without the protective bung (supplied).  Spare bungs are available here.


  • Manufactured in the US by Gill Porter
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Flex ratings are available upon request



Unfortunately, due to changes in couriers, we have to add a shipping charge to our vaulting poles.  This will be added at checkout. 

All poles showing 'in-stock' will be shipped next working day.

Unsure which is the right pole?

For more information on how to choose a vaulting pole, see our 'How to Choose a Vaulting Pole' article.

Pole vaulter going over the bar.  Link to Neuff Athletic's 'How to Choose a Vaulting Pole' article