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Pole Vault Uprights | WA Competition | Standard or Folding | 1.45 - 6.45m

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DIMA WA Competition Pole Vault Uprights are an excellent choice for training or competition.   With heights from 1.45 to 6.45 metres, these uprights will suit every vaulter from beginner to champion!

Durable and easy-to-use, they are available in standard or folding versions, to suit the landing area and protection used.  DIMA's long experience in athletics manufacturing ensures these uprights feature easy adjustments and reliable measuring for both officials and athletes. 

DIMA Standard Pole Vault Uprights

  • Standard aluminium uprights with huge height variance from 1.45 to 6.45m
  • Ideal for locations where storage and removal is not often required, such as indoor venues, or secure outdoor sites where a metal shed is not required. 

DIMA Folding Pole Vault Uprights

  • Ideal for outdoor landing areas with a metal wheelaway cover, these folding uprights fold at 1m from the base to lay on or next to the landing bed underneath the cover.
  • No need for dismantling or separate storage.
  • Can be folded when not in use during competitions, to improve visibility for spectators and reduce wind resistance.
  • When used with a bed that does not include integrated foam protection, supports may be used to hold the folded uprights when laid flat.  These can be purchased separately.  Alternatively, the upright may rest on the ground. 

DIMA WA Competition PV Upright Features 

  • Engineered from extruded ovoid aluminium, these uprights are strong, reliable and easy to use.
  • Bar support lifted by a winding mechanism. 
  • Auto-locking mechanism for resetting height
  • Fine calibration adjustment screw

DIMA Pole Vault Base & Rails 

These DIMA uprights come paired with DIMA Standard Pole Vault Rails with Slider Carts.

The ground base is a heavy grade steel frame featuring levelling screws in the case of uneven ground.  This allows horizontal movement range 0/80cm.  

The inner rolling base is guided with 8 ball-bearing wheels and 4 lateral wheels for increase alignment.  Two adjustable tie rods for upright stability. 

Dimensions : 1500x350mm

DIMA Pole Vault Uprights Specifications

  • World Athletics certified n° E-99-0078
  • Height adjustment:
    • Standard uprights: from 1.45 to 6.45m
    • Folding uprights: from 1.70 to 6.45m
  • Extruded ovoid aluminium uprights and arms
  • Can be purchased without slider carts and rails if not required
  • Sold as a pair 

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