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PVC Indoor shot

by Trial

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Trial are the main manufacturer of indoor shot and offer excellent quality.  These soft PVC shot have a high quality surface for excellent grip and do not bounce.  They are robust and will not split like cheaper alternatives.

These are competition standard indoor shot, but are also ideal for safe shot training with children and young athletes.

What type of shot is used for indoor shot put competition?

These shot are competition standard.  Some indoor competitions require athletes to use PVC indoor shot, and some require standard outdoor shot.  All competitors in a competition must use the same type (indoor or outdoor), so please check with the organisers first.   

PVC shot are also a useful aid to indoor training.  We would recommend using a matted landing area when using indoors as an extra precaution.

Due to the nature of the materials PVC shots are larger diameter than the equivalent metal ones.

Trial Indoor shot weight options

  • 7.26kg (approx diameter 135mm)
  • 6kg (approx diameter 130mm)
  • 5kg (approx diameter 130mm)
  • 4kg (approx diameter 115mm)
  • 3kg (approx diameter 113mm)
  • 2.72kg (approx diameter 113mm)
  • 2kg (approx diameter 100mm)
  • 1.5kg (approx diameter 100mm)
  • 1kg (approx diameter 90mm) - please note this is not manufactured by Trial

Please check the weight specifications for the correct weight for your gender and age