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SFuels TRANSFORM (Life) Endurance Supplement

by SFuels
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All Day, Every Day, Fat-Oxidation for low-carb lifestyle and athletes. 

SFuels TRANSFORM supplement (formerly known as LIFE supplement) quickly and easily transforms your favorite snacks, meals and drinks to low-carb fat-oxidation meals.  From pancakes, to shakes, granolas, salads, bread, main meals, sauces and more - use SFuels TRANSFORM to drive fat-oxidation, fuel your calorie and electrolyte load, while accelerating recovery with glutamine and collagen.


SFuels TRANSFORM Features

Grab and Go

Simply add 1 scoop to your favorite snacks, meals and drinks to TRANSFORM them to low-carb, fat oxidation meals.

  • Enable on-going fat-oxidation between training periods
  • Maintain fat-based calorific nutrition to support high volume training loads
  • Support consistent energy levels, with reduced blood sugar swings and cravings.

All Day Fat Oxidation

TRANSFORM helps simplifies the transition to a highly efficient fat-oxidation metabolism - LCHF meals with minimum fuss.

With the addition of electrolytes, Glutamine and Collagen, TRANSFORM makes low-carb living fast and easy, providing a balanced recovery for muscle and digestive systems.

Naturally Sweet

TRANSFORM includes no sugars, no carbohydrates, no maltodextrins, no syrups, and no sugar alcohols. 

With Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), electrolytes and naturally sweetened with Monk fruit extract, TRANSFORM rebalances foods, meals and snacks back to a higher-fat, lower sugar-carb and higher salts profile.


SFuels TRANSFORM Ingredients

Coconut Oil, Collagen Peptides, Himalayan Rock Salt, Monk Fruit Extract. SFuels LIFE uses no sugars, no carbs, no syrups, or sugar-alcohols like erythritol. 

Makes 30 Shakes, or 10 Weeks (5 serves/week) of Granola, or 15 serves (8) of pancakes and more.  Download the SFuels LIFE Guide for some great fat-oxidation recipes,

Why These Ingredients?

  • The C8 form of Medium Chain Triglycerides trains fat-oxidation enzyme efficiency, while providing calorific energy support to muscles without triggering blood-sugar/insulin spikes.  SFuels TRANSFORM MCT is bound to collagen, not maltodextrin (which would otherwise trigger blood sugar/insulin responses).
  • L-Glutamine limits muscle/protein oxidation due to intense high-load training, and also supporting GI-tract membrane integrity to mitigate systemic inflammation from the Gut.
  • Unlike other sugars and sugar alcohols, Monk fruit extract does not add calories, simulate insulin, or trigger gut-GI distress.
  • Sodium and potassium supplementation supports higher electrolyte requirements - commonly noted in low-carbohydrate diets.



Simply add 1 scoop of SFuels TRANSFORM (LIFE) to your favorite recipes for shakes, baking or granola recipes to transform them into low-carb fat-oxidation meals. 

For more information and delicious recipes, from breakfast, snacks, light meals and main meals, download the SFuels LIFE guide here 


Manufactured in a facility that handles MILK, SOY, EGG, PEANUTS, FISH, CRUSTACEANS/SHELLFISH and WHEAT products.



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