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Technique and Drills for the Pole Vault DVD

by Neuff
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Track & Field news presents Technique and Drills DVD for the pole vault with Rick Suhr.

Coach Rick Suhr has developed a unique & successful style of vaulting demands that his vaulters jump a very disciplined and regimented style (he credits the adverse weather conditions in upstate NY and poor runways).

He begins with five fundamental take-off drills.  These drills are the foundation of Suhr's vaulters- regardless of ability.  These drills start close to the mat and slowly work back along the runway. Drills to help with grip, staying upright when approaching the bar & planting the pole.  The next phase is a group of top up drills.

Four national champions, including 3x National Champion Jenn Stuczynski provide the demonstrations for this incredible presentation.