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Wobble Balance Cushion | Air Stability

by Neuff

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Air filled stability cushion which can be used on both sides for balance, coordination and core-strength training.  One side has slight dimples for grip, whilst the other has 'fingers' for greater wobble or massage.  


  1. Ankle strength and core stability:   Place the cushion on the floor and stand on it.  Exercises can range from simply standing still on both feet, to balance and ankle exercises.
  2. Back strength and posture:  Place the cushion on your chair and use as a standard cushion.  The wobble and unpredictability encourages the active use of core muscles to support the back, improving posture and reducing stress on the spine and back.  
  3. Massage:  Place the cushion 'finger' side up and use your body weight to gently massage the affected area.

Also useful in injury recovery.

Readily portable for use on the go.