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Throws Quadrathlon Competition | Neuff & England Throws Camps

Competition Time! | Throws Quadrathlon | Improve your training and win

Lockdown is a tough time for athletes, with limited access to training facilities and UK indoor competitions cancelled.  So we asked England Throws Camps founder Stuart Carlaw what competition we can run for multi-eventers and throwers during lockdown, that will also be useful to help smash their PBs when the season reopens.

Here is what Stuart said... (Keep reading to find out how to enter and win!)

How do you know whether you are in good shape to throw a long way?  How do you know that your athletic development is progressing well in all areas and one key critical area is not being left behind?  The answer is testing.  For throwers, there is one standardised battery of testing that is invaluable in assessing athletic competence and should be used regularly:  The throws quadrathlon.

What is the throws quadrathlon? 

The throws quadrathlon is a series of 4 exercises, the outcomes of which, are recorded and compared to a standardised scoring matrix.  The higher the score the more physically competent you are.  A good target for a competent U17/U20 junior athlete is 240 and senior international is looking for a score of 350 to 400.  

What are the throws quadrathlon exercises? 

The four exercises are:

1. 30m sprint

Timed from the point when the foot first makes contact on the first stride to the point they cross the plane of the 30m finish line.

 Throws Quadrathlon | 30 metre sprint | How to do it

2. Standing long jump

From the side of a pit or similar, with toes allowed over the edge of the pit or similar.

3. Overhead shot put

Thrown two-handed backwards over head.  Be careful that you have a safe landing behind you, in case you throw yourself backwards at the same time!

4. Three linked two footed jumps(bunny-hops)

For distance, without a pause or break between the jumps

What does the throws quadrathlon score mean? 

As well as the overall score being incredibly important to understand whole system development, it is also important to consider the differences between the individual scores and what that can mean to the athletic development of the thrower.

Ideally the athlete should be balanced with similar scores between each exercise.  Where there is a difference there is an opportunity to focus development and improvement.  For example,

  • the sprints will help you understand the ability of the athlete to accelerate and create maximal speed,
  • the overhead shot affords the insight into the ability of the athlete to chain whole body movements together in an explosive movement,
  • the standing long jump gives insight on the ability to create force from a static position for the lower body chain,
  • the three linked jumps help you understand how the athlete is able to create, absorb and transfer force in a dynamic movement. 

Why do you use the Throws Quadrathlon test? 

The results of the quad test and the individual event scores give you massive amounts of insight and should provide you with a sound understanding of how to shape your physical prep program to best underpin your overall technical and athletic development.  I personally do this every 10 weeks for the athletes I work with alongside a wider bank of testing including biomechanics, peak velocity and peak power, functional movement and also good old throwing.  


Throws Quadrathlon Athletics Competition | Neuff & England Throws Camps

Win £50!!  Neuff & England Throws Camp Competition!

Win £50 in vouchers for Neuff and England Throws Camp by collecting Throws Quadrathlon Test points.

  1. Video yourself doing the 4 tests. 
  2. Make sure you follow the rules and show the full test, including the measurements. 
  3. Upload your video on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or email to
  • Include your raw measurements, gender and age
  • Tag @NeuffAthletic @englandthrowscamps #advicepleasecoach and your athletics club
  • England Throws Camps will calculate your points and add you to the leaderboard (Link to be added shortly)
  • Enter as many times as you like.  Closing date 28th February 2021


    There are ten categories:  U13 M/F, U15 M/F, U17 M/F, U20 M/F, Senior M/F

    First prize

    The first placed athlete in each category will win £25 ETC voucher and £25 Neuff Athletic voucher.

    Second prize

    The second placed athlete in each category will win a Dynaband resistance elastic (choice of 4 strengths).

    Club bonus

    Any club which achieves a cumulative total of 5000 points wins a £75 Neuff voucher.

    Any club which achieves a cumulative total of 3000 points across all categories wins a £50 Neuff voucher.  


    See the leaderboard by England Throws Camps here!

    Throws Quadrathlon Power Test | Competition by Neuff and England Throws Camps

    IMPORTANT:  Please see the full competition terms and conditions here.

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    Hello…I really think you should add a category for Masters Athletes on here..

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