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SFuels Train - Product Overview

SFuels Train - Product Overview

Conduct your low-intensity training sessions on low-no carbohydrate-based hydration to trigger maximum metabolic shifts in fat-oxidation efficiency.

Long slow distance training builds both aerobic efficiency and fat-oxidation efficiency.

Train the body to use fats for fuel by eliminating the use of sucrose. Fructose, glucose, maltodextrins and sugar alcohols.

Optimise Vitamin C levels within cells for immune and anti-inflammatory processes, by keeping blood sugar levels in healthy ranges.

Provide quality absorbable hydrolysed collagen peptides, to help providing critical nutritional building blocks for repairing damaged connective tissues from repetitive endurance training and racing blocks.

Supplement electrolytes to avoid deficient states from repetitive endurance training blocks.

Minimize exercise-induced GI/Gut distress and delayed onset muscle soreness by fueling-feeding the muscles and the gut membrane with clinical levels of Glutamine.


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