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ATE Indra Discus

by ATE

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The updated ATE Indra discus is an improved version of their long-term favourite, designed for tomorrow's throwers. 

With ultra-light reinforced plastic sides and a stainless steel rim, this is a precision high-spin discus with for elite throwers. 

The new Terragrip rim has a double-zinc coated finish which offers improved grip for longer more sustained throws, particularly in wet or sweaty conditions.


  • High Spin Discus
  • Rim weight approx 90%
  • Neuff Category: Elite
  • Comes with a padded single discus bag

Indra discus: Weight options: 

  • 1kg (World Athletics certified I-06-0374)
  • 1.5kg
  • 1.75kg 
  • 2kg (World Athletics certified I-06-0375) 



Confused athlete reviews selection of shot, discus and hammer athletics implements.  Based on a portrait by Jakayla Toney on UnSplash

Need help to choose a discus?

  1. Read this useful article by the England Throws Camp
  2. Ask an expert discus coach?  Top UK coaches Stuart Carlaw, Paul Wilson, Gary Herrington and David Turner have partnered with Neuff to review videos of your throwing and recommend specific implements personalised to you.  Click here to find out how.
  3. Try a range of discus for yourself.  Contact us to book our demo box for 2 weeks. 
    Please check the weight specification for the correct weight for your gender and age