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Commonwealth Games 2022 Predictions by Ben Hawkes

2022 Commonwealth Games: Throws Predictions


The Commonwealth Games are just around the corner, and with the conclusion of the World Championships in Oregon, British eyes are switching focus to Birmingham, where the Games get started in just a week’s time.

This article, though perhaps entertaining when proved wrong, will be an anomaly in our library. It will contain almost no useful information for coaches or athletes - but sometimes we need to remember just to enjoy and be a fan of the sport we spend so much time working in. And fear not - those articles will be back soon.

Anyway, that’s it for the preamble - let’s get into the predictions.


Men's Discus Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Matty Denny

  2. Alex Rose

  3. Nick Percy


Matty will be coming for glory after Worlds. Alex has got serious smoke when he turns it on, and Nick deserves some silverware after the triumphant season he’s had.



Women's Discus Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Jade Lally

  2. Chioma Onyekwere

  3. Obiageri Amaechi


I think Jade’s got it this year from her performance at British Champs, and the two Nigerians aren’t far behind.



Men's Shot Put Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Tom Walsh

  2. Jacko Gill

  3. Chuk Enekwechi


Tom’s a dead cert for me. Jacko’s a consistent 21m guy. Chuk just about edges bronze past Scotty!



Women's Shot Put Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Sarah Mitton

  2. Maddison-Lee Wesche

  3. Danniel Thomas-Dodd


These women are just so far ahead this year, and I can’t see anyone else going over 19m.



Men's Hammer Throw Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Rowan Hamilton

  2. Nick Miller

  3. Adam Keenan


It’s anyone’s game - please don’t come for me!

Nick would be my pick for gold, but he looked in pain at Worlds - here’s hoping he can pull it out of the bag in Birmingham!



Women's Hammer Throw Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Camryn Rogers

  2. Jillian Weir

  3. Lauren Bruce


Camryn’s on fire, Jillian had an incredible (and underrated!) championships in Oregon, and Lauren is uber-consistent.



Men's Javelin Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Neeraj Chopra

  2. Anderson Peters

  3. Julius Yego


Gut feeling. I think Neeraj has it this year. Julius is so experienced, and he knows how to compete at a champs.



Women's Javelin Commonwealth Games 2022

  1. Mackenzie Little

  2. Annu Rani

  3. Elizabeth Gleadle


I have to admit my ignorance here and above. I know very little about Javelin at the moment. This is a stab in the dark based on very little indeed - and for that exact reason, it will probably be the most accurate prediction here!


It’s shaping up to be a fantastic championship and with so much British representation, it should make for seriously entertaining viewing. Watch out after the champs for an in-depth post about what happened in Birmingham, why it matters and how we can learn from it. (see, I told you we’d get back to the educational stuff!)

*At the time of writing, start lists haven’t been announced for the para discus and shot put competitions. Our apologies!

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