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The Jumper magazine by John Shepherd

The Jumper magazine by John Shepherd

Our sprint and jump coach partner John Shepherd has been working away to publish the summer issue of THE JUMPER.  It is a fabulous read for both athletes and coaches and covers technique, nutrition, coaching, interviews, physio and more, with lots of multi-media to keep you interested!  The first edition in Autumn 2019 was very well received, so download your copy now by clicking the image below.
The Jumper magazine cover by John Shepherd.  Edition 2 Summer 2020


Some of the articles in this issue include:
  • how to return to speed after lock-down written by top UK and England Athletics physio Stuart Butler.
  • how to review and monitor your athletes' training by elite Brazilian coach Nelio Moura
  • a review of the science behind jumper's nutrition 
  • the importance of speed for the long and triple jump and unearth some research which relates 100m (and other variables) to potential distance a jumper could achieve (for the long jump).
There are also more coach and athlete led features - for example, we talk to Gabe who's a coach of all track & field events based in Singapore. 
There's also a feature on how Electro Muscular Stimulation can boost athletic performance, plus product reviews.
John also talks to Markus Lundborg, the triple jumper and driving force behind the Triple Jumpers Podcast and social media.(70.6k followers on instagram!).
The Jumper is also packed full of links to John Shepherd's YouTube videos and external sources. So, all in all there's much to read, watch and listen to. 

This magazine should assist, educate and entertain, whether you are a track coach or athlete or involved in another sport.

Download Now!

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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