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Virtual Standing Triple Jump Competition - Week 1 leaderboard

Virtual Standing Triple Jump Competition - Week 1 leaderboard

The results of the first week are in.....

Congratulations to the winners of each category.

U13 F: Jessica Heath - Basildon AC - 6.27m
U13 M: Luke Pichler - Blyth RC - 6.71m

U15 F: Saffron Meade - Stockport Harriers - 6.40m
U15 M: Joe Stone - Paddock Wood - 8.02m

U17 F: Melina Marinou - Greece - 7.00m
U17 M: Scott Sinclair - Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC - 9.58m

U20 F: Adeline Preston - Crawley AC - 7.19m
U20 M: Bill Mytalas - Aotritonas, Greece - 8.97m

U23/Senior F: Sophie Burn - Herne Hill Harriers - 6.21m
U23/Senior M: Juandel - Dominican Republic - 10.03m

Masters <50 F: no entrants
Masters <50 M: Darren Thomas - Exeter Harriers - 8.73m

Masters 51+ F: Clare St John-Coleman - Chelmsford AC - 4.72m
Masters 51+ M: no entrants

All these winners will receive a bag of steel spikes of their choice.  Winners will be contacted to arrange details of their prize.

Full Leaderboards

Congratulations to all who took part - it has been inspiring to see all your efforts.

Virtual Standing Triple Jump competition week 1 leaderboard 1 of 2

STJ competition leaderboard week 1 results 2 of 2

Full results in pdf are available on request by emailing

The top two athletes of each category will be added to the club leaderboards.  These will be published at the end of week 2.

Competition rules update

Please note, the competition rules will be updated from Tuesday 9th June to reflect the following:

  1. Incorrect dates given.  The competition is open for 4 weeks from 2nd June to 30th June, not 23rd June as stated.  Apologies for any inconvenience.
  2. A clear timetable showing the dates for each weekly competition will be shown.
  3. Re-establishment of the rules.  Please ensure that the heel does not leave the ground before the start of the jump, and all videos clearly show the full measurement being taken from the back of the rear landing foot.  Any video not showing clean jumps and clear measurements will not be accepted from week 2 onwards.
Please email if you have any questions.
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Roger Arve Vigulf - June 29, 2021

I have some years ago red that Ray Ewry still has the world record with 10.50m from 1912!..

Karl Ponty - June 16, 2020


Great idea, thanks for doing this.

Just realised we didn’t show the clear measurement of Barney and
Isobel when they jumped.

Neither is going to contend for a top spot but they would very much like to see their names on a list. I can vouch that the measurements are honest.

Hopefully you can still include them 🤞

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