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Welcome to our Neuff blog

This is an overview of our new blog – to help you understand the type of content you will find here over time.  We are trying to walk before we run, so the first few weeks will have just one type of blog, with many more to come as we develop, so please do keep checking back. 

What we are doing:

We want to support athletes, particularly young athletes, with all the knowledge, expertise and experience we have gained over the years.  Neuff has never been just about selling stuff.  We exist to enable athletes to enjoy and practice their sport.  Those of you who phone us up or see us at events know that we can advise on which product to buy that is best for your needs, how to maintain it so it lasts longer, and even coaching tips and snippets.  Now we want to make that information available to our web customers (and all athletes) as well. 

We are serious about sport.  We are proud of our expertise, we are proud that we will sell you the best product for you (not the most expensive one), we are proud of our support for beginner athletics and we want to share that with you (and help you share your own tips with each other), even if you never buy anything from us.

What is the blog:

There will be different types of posts:

  • Beginner coaching tips and sessions adapted from ‘Beginning Athletics’, written by Dr Alan Neuff and Carl Johnson
  • Product reviews from athletes and coaches
  • ‘How to…’ videos covering
    • Choose: how to choose the right product for you, e.g. explaining the difference between products, how to choose the right size or type, etc
    • Train: training tips on how to use products, example sessions, etc
    • Maintain: how to maintain or repair your product, e.g. changing a hammer wire, changing starting block footpads, removing worn spikes, etc
    • Compete: Explaining complex rules and information about athletics competition
  • Competitions and promotions from us and our partners

 How to get involved:

We might have lots of experience, but we definitely don’t know it all!  If you would like to suggest ideas to add to our blog, we’d love to hear from you.  We are particularly interested in:

  • Photos: Our blog posts need header photos.  If you would like to feature (we would give you full credit), please send us your pictures of various events and we will use the best ones to illustrate our blog
  • Reviews: Review a product. 
  • Tips: Tell us your tips for training, or your great product hacks and we will share it with the world!

Keep an eye out for competitions – we might be running a prizes for the best contributions in the coming months!


Neuff was set up in 1966 by Dr Neuff (my dad) because his coached athletes and friends couldn’t source the equipment they needed for their training.  Dr. Neuff was originally a sprinter in the 1950s (he ran against Roger Bannister!), then a teacher and coach (multi-events and polevault), then an official.  He imbued the company with the expertise and information from all these experiences, and we have also worked with many athletes, coaches and officials over the years.  We don’t just sell products, we also develop them – the first British fibreglass vaulting poles, early starting blocks, throwing clubs for para-athletes, the ultimate grip product (venice turps).  This blog is part of bringing that history and tradition to the athletes of the future. 


Sara Cunningham-Neuff

Serious About Sport

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