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How to train for sprint and jump under lock-down

How to train for sprint and jump under lock-down

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos online about restricted training, so what makes this one different?  Most restricted training focuses on general fitness and strength training, but this is more usually associated with winter training where athletes would be fine-tuning their technique and drills at this point in the season.  Neuff is running a series of videos in partnership with experts, sharing drills and exercises for serious athletes to enable them to develop and improve their performance in lock-down.  We will introduce a range of resources for different athletic disciplines over the next weeks.

This video, in partnership with John Shepherd Track & Field Coach, uses improvised equipment for sprint and jump drills. Using resistance and strength techniques, these are specific drills for the sprint and jump athletes who need to focus on acceleration.

 John has calculated equivalent weights of everyday household objects that can be used instead of specialist training equipment.  If you would prefer to purchase 'proper' equipment, see our product pages for resistance products such as powersledge, ankle/wrist weights, resistance elastics, kettle bells and more.

 John Shepherd has created a range of useful videos for jump and sprint athletes.  You can view the other videos in his series here, including a number of lock-down training videos.

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