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Galaxy Olympic Starting Blocks

by Neuff
Sold out
The heaviest of all our starting blocks, so suitable for stronger/heavier athletes and robust use.  This makes it a good choice for clubs and stadia with access to a trolley for setting out the starting blocks, as well as strong adult athletes.  


  • The footplates slot into the centre bar giving a range of settings
  • The angle of the plates is adjustable to pre-set angles.
  • Good quality spike surface to the footrest
  • Grip spikes, 4 on front plate and 4 each side of the rear T-bar plate
  • Aluminium centre bar, aluminium footplates


  • Fits a size 3 bag
  • Weight approx 9.5kg 
  • Aluminium centre bar, approx length 98cm and width 10cm 
  • Aluminium footplates, approx 11.5cm x 19.5cm

Certified by World Athletics E-99-0130 


If you are unsure which starting blocks are best for you, please see our 'How to choose starting blocks' video