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Pole Vault Landing Area | Meeting


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The DIMA Meeting Pole Vault Landing System is a high-grade landing area specifically designed for clubs and regional stadiums. 

Manufactured to exacting standards, this 7m x 6m x 0.8m Pole Vault Bed meets UKA and WA level 1 Specifications.  It prioritises both comfort and safety for stadia looking for a well-managed and durable landing system.

DIMA PV Landing Bed Options

DIMA PV landing beds come in three options:

1. Modular Landing System:

Composition:  Air Foam modular units are individually covered in PVC with straps to connect them together to form the landing area.  The modules are interchangeable and easily transported.  These are topped with a 7cm or 10cm thick anti-spike top pad for a uniform and comfortable landing.


  • Good level of comfort
  • Reversible and interchangeable blocks increases the product life-span as blocks can be rotated from the main landing area to edges for better wear.
  • Easy to assemble, move and store.  Ideal for moving the landing area depending on wind direction.

2. Comfort Plus Single Cover Landing System:

Composition:  Air Foam units encased in a single cover, providing a stable landing area.  These are topped with a 7cm or 10cm thick anti-spike top pad for uniform and comfortable landings.


  • Very good balance of quality and price

3. Single Cover Landing System:

Composition:  Air Foam units encased in a single cover, providing a stable landing area.  The top surface and edges of the cover are made with integrated anti-spike fabric.


  • Excellent price

All three options also require a galvanised platform and weatherproof cover, which can be purchased separately.

DIMA landing area features

Airform Block Base

DIMA's Airfoam blocs are manufactured by cross-assembling plates of high grade foam of varying densities to form an optimal landing bed for well-managed landings.  This increases both comfort and durability regardless of body size or drop height. 

The Modular System features separate blocks each encased in PVC, with straps to hold them securely together.  Rotating the position of the blocks increases the life-span of the bed, and the blocks can be replaced individually if needed, breathing new life into the bed without the cost of a full replacement.

The Single Cover bed options have the foam blocks all encased in a single cover, providing extra stability compared to modular block systems.

Durable PVC cover with Spike Mat

The sides and bottom of the pole vault bed are covered in 650g/m2 PVC fabric.  The top surface and overlap is in an anti-spike fabric for an improved air escape and a more comfortable landing. 

For the single cover option, the spike cover / wear-sheet is integrated into the bed.

For the Modular System & Comfort Plus Single Cover, an additional 7mm spike cover / wear sheet is fitted onto the top with hidden snap hooks located underneath the mat to avoid injury.

Optimal Details

Features a 45° open angle cut out to ensure safety whilst not interfering with the plant & flex of the pole.

Visualisation of the 'Zero' line with a velcro white line on the landing area side extensions.

50cm height at the front of the extension arms.

DIMA pole vault bed specifications

UKA specifications

World Athletics level 1 specifications.

NF EN 12503-2 type 11 certified.



This is a GUIDE PRICE only.  Please contact us for a final price before ordering.  Alternatively, if you wish to order direct on this website, we will contact you to confirm the price before fulfilling your order.


There is an 8-10 week lead time on DIMA landing areas.