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Nordic Comet - 700g, 600g, 500g, 400g Javelin

by Neuff

These are aluminium javelins with a flex range slightly larger than the Viking, so distance ratings a little lower in the range.  This is a useful implement for beginners but being certified it is also to competition specifications.

Available options:

  • 700g
  • 600g
    • Flex 12.1
  • 500g
    • Flex 12.6
  • 400g
    • Flex 12.9

Choose the right javelin

Confused athlete reviews selection of shot, discus and hammer athletics implements.  Based on a portrait by Jakayla Toney on UnSplash


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600g: I-14-0714
500g: I-14-0713

Please check weight specification for the correct weight for your gender and age