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Nordic Valhalla Hard NXS - 800g, 600g Javelin

by Nordic

Coming soon: pre-order now

Nordic have updated their range and designed the new Valhalla Javelins from scratch for maximum glide.

The 100% carbon ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelin is targetted at very technical throwers.  It is very sensitive to technical errors/ flaws but when hit right it will directly self correct and Nordic claim it will then go further than any other javelin.

Nordic's Valhalla javelins now come with a choice of 2 new tips. 

  • Nordic Valhalla NXS Javelin tip
    NXS – Next Generation Sharp tip:   for maximum lift in all wind conditions.  The NXS tip is a universal tip and more forgiving in side/ cross wind conditions

  • Nordic Valhalla NXB javelin tip
    NXB – Next Generation Blunt:  for maximum lift in predominantly tailwind and still conditions. TheNXB tip is therefore thicker and has a blunter presentation to maximise lift and therefore longer glide during perfect wind conditions for this particular tip.  NXB tip option is available to order on demand.

Nordic uses a new ratings system instead of Flex and Distance Ratings.  See the pictures for details.


Choose the right javelin

Confused athlete reviews selection of shot, discus and hammer athletics implements.  Based on a portrait by Jakayla Toney on UnSplash


We have partnered with top UK coaches Stuart Carlaw, Paul Wilson, Gary Herrington and David Turner to review your throwing and recommend specific implements personalised to you.  Find out how here


Please check weight specification for the correct weight for your gender and age