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Power Sledge with waist belt

by Vinex

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Perfect for resistance training, this device is a free running sledge towed by means of a harness.  Resistance training is a useful element to improve acceleration, both for sprinters and other jump and throw athletes.  The sledge is secured to a harness around the athletes waist to enable good biomechanical posture when training. 

The sled can be weighted by adding weight-training weights on to a spigot (can be standard or Olympic centres), or by attaching a sand-filled power bag. 

For more information on using resistance sleds for acceleration training, see this video by our coach partner, John Shepherd.


  • Tubular metal frame
  • Weight approx. 4kg
  • Maximum weight to be put on sledge 30kg
  • Complete with harness & straps
  • Weights not included