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Standing Triple Jump Mat - 3 sizes

by Eveque

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The Eveque Sportshall Standing Triple Jump Mat is a tried-and-tested staple of Sportshall Competitions. 

Standing Triple Jump involves a hop, step and jump from a standing position and is a fantastic challenge of coordination and technique. 

Eveque Standing Triple Jump Mats have take off lines at metre intervals. The participant starts their jump from the line which enables them to land on the graduated landing scale.

Standing Triple Jump Mat Features

  • Lightweight, yet heavy duty mat with non-slip surface
  • Graduated landing mat with 1cm lines in 5cm sections for easy measurement. 
  • Folds for easy storage
  • 2m measurement section with start lines at 1m intervals for different abilities.
  • Comes with a sturdy bag for easy storage. 


The Sportshall Metromat comes in three options:

  • Junior. Primary use only.  2 x 3m long mats with 4 x1m standing start line options.  Laminated activity card included.
  • 8.5m. Suitable for ages 7-13.  8.5m long folded mat. 
  • 10.5m. Suitable for ages 7-16.  10.5m long folded mat.