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Blank Firing Starting Pistol - 0.38

by Bruni

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The Bruni Olympic 5 0.380mm blank-firing gun is specifically designed for athletics use, approved for use in all athletic events.  

It is essential to clean the gun to remove all blackpowder residue after use. We recommend Youngs Black Powder Cleaner.

This gun is for light use only because it is made from an alloy to prevent conversion to firing live rounds.  The barrel is blocked and they are designed so that if the barrel is drilled the gun will fragment.

None of our guns are designed for regular heavy use.  If you are intending to be a serious starter then you are advised to contact UKA with a view to having licensed guns which will be very durable.

UK Legal Compliance

The Bruni Olympic 5 .380 is stamped with UK2012 on the body of the gun to indicate full compliance with the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (Specification for Imitation Firearms) Regulations 2011.  These guns are deemed 'Not Readily Convertible' and conform fully to the specifications introduced on 11th August 2011.

It is the customer's responsibility to store, transport and use the gun safely and in accordance with all relevant regulations.  

Technical Specifications

  • Blanks available
  • 5 shot
  • 0.38 gauge
  • UK Code licence number stamped on the frame.
  • No licence needed
  • Not suitable for use with electronic timing devices


Due to customs restrictions, we regretfully CANNOT send this product to any shipping addresses outside of mainland UK. Consequently, any orders placed for a starting pistol with a shipping address outside of mainland UK will be cancelled immediately.

Please contact us for further guidance if you have any questions surrounding this.


In our "How To Maintain a Starting Pistol" video, we talk about what products you can use and give a step-by-step guide of how to keep your pistols in pristine condition.