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Virtual Standing Triple Jump Competition

Virtual Standing Triple Jump Competition

It’s time to see who’s the springiest athlete around!

    We are pleased to announce a new competition for the jumps community, and all athletes, to discover who can hop, step and jump the furthest from standing.

    You’ve four weeks from the 2nd June until entries close at midnight 29th June to register your best distances.  Each athlete can submit one filmed attempt per week (details of how to enter below).  We will post a weekly leader board for both individual and club competitions, and there will be weekly and overall individual and club prizes.  

    Ways to enter

    Film your best weekly jump, clearly showing the start line, jump and measurement.   The measurement on the tape should be visible, with the tape laid straight from the start line.  Ensure your heel does not leave the ground before take-off.

    1.  Post your entry to @NeuffAthletic Instagram or Facebook

    • Tag the following partners and #tags:
      @johnshepherdwritertrackcoach (@JohnShepherdFit on Twitter)
      @your athletics club (to enter the club competition)
    • Include your age, gender and measurement in the comments


    2.  Email your entry to including your filmed attempt

    • Include your age, gender, measurement and club details (to enter the club competition) 

    See full instructions and competition rules below.

    Individual competition

    • Film your best weekly jump. The video must show the start line, complete jump and the measurement being recorded. The easier it is for us to see that the jump is accurate the better it will be and will prevent the jump from being deemed inaccurate and thus not counted. 
    • The jump should be made in your garden or in a park or suitable area. (No pits allowed at present to make for fairness across entries). Please do not jump on concrete and check there is a safe landing area before starting.
    • Spikes are allowed. Be aware of the risk of slipping on grass if not using spikes.
    • The jump must be from standing.
    • Start with your toes behind a clear start line and measure the jump from the start line to where your heels land (we don’t expect any entries of athletes falling back!)
    • You can rock back and forth on your hop leg, but the heel must not leave the ground before take-off (see video). If you want, you can use a bunny jump (two-footed start) (see video).  Find out which one enables you to jump furthest first as you practise.
    • The technique is simple to remember in terms of legs contacting the ground:
      • For one leg start:
        • Hop – to same leg – for example, right to right
        • Step – transfer to other leg – for example, right to left
        • Jump – transfer to both legs – for example, left to both feet
      • For the bunny jump start version – leap from two feet onto one for the hop and then onto the other for the step, before landing on both feet for the jump

    You can do as many attempts as you like each week but only your best efforts should be sent in.   

    Athletes can submit up to one entry each week, so up to four entries during the competition. 

     Club Competition

    This will be collated from the individual entries who tag clubs - so come on clubs get your athletes jumping and filming. The final results will be selected as follows:

    The three best performances for each gender and age group will be used to compile the weekly clubs leader board and the overall club winners. 

    After the four weeks, the winners, second and third place clubs will be determined from the aggregated distances from a valid performance from the three scoring athletes across age groups and genders.


    At the end of each week we will produce individual and club leader boards.


    • U13 male / female
    • U15 male / female
    • U17 male / female
    • U20 male / female
    • U23/Seniors male / female
    • Masters <50 male / female
    • Masters >51 male / female

    The overall individual and club leader boards will be published after the end of the competition.


    Weekly prizes:

    • The top placed athlete in each gender and age group will receive a bag of 12 steel spikes of their choice.
    • An individual athlete can only win the weekly competition once, so if a winning athlete submits an entry on a subsequent week and wins again, the prize will be awarded to the second placed athlete. All entries will be included for the overall competition.

    Overall prizes:

    • Individual: At the end of the four-week competition, the top placed athlete in each gender and age group will receive £20.
    • Club: First, second and third placed clubs will win £100, £75 and £50 respectively.

    All prizes will be paid in vouchers redeemable at Neuff against any equipment.  Any change for items purchased at less than the voucher value will be given in store credit.

    Competition Dates

    Closing date for entry will be midnight on Monday 29th June (corrected from 23rd June, as previously published).  After this date the no further entries to the competition will be permitted.

      • Week 1 entries close at 21:00 BST Monday 8th June 2020.  Week 1 leaderboard published at 22:00 BST Monday 8th June.
      • Week 2 entries close at midnight Monday 15th June 2020.  Week 2 leaderboard published 10:30  BST Tuesday 16th June.
      • Week 3 entries close at midnight Monday 22nd June.  Week 3 leaderboard published 10:30 BST Tuesday 23rd June.
      • Week 4 and overall entries close at midnight Monday 29th June 2020.  Week 4 and overall leaderboards published 12:00 midday BST Tuesday 30th June.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please see the full terms and conditions here. 
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